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exciting wrist brace!   
12:59pm 11/10/2010
  So there I was... on the ice, manuervering casually through the customary weekend traffic of rockville ice arena.  Families flocking absurdly, teenagers weaving without regard to others, kids and adults practicing oblivious to anyone else on the ice, kids dropping left and right, fathers and sons tearing up the ice with their hockey stop drills... and then I saw him in his fuzzy blue jumpsuit.  Skating on trajectory for a direct impact in 10, 9, 8...  I swerved to go around and avert disaster but at the last second he turned into me.  Curse my maternal insticts - instead of crushing him to soften the blow, I went backwards with my hands behind me to break the fall.  I did not hit the ice hard - not even a bruise, but did feel my wrist at a 90 degree angle from my hand absorbing the majority of the impact.  On my way to acquire an ice pack from the consession stand I was nearly sideswiped by another little kid hauling an equipment bag 3 times his size. 

Still have movement in all of my fingures, but no rotation or lift in the wrist without a significant amount of pain.  Spent 2 hours at the urgent care clinic to get scans which showed no apparent significant damage, but doc said without an expensive MRI it's nearly impossible to see hairline fractures in the wrist bones.  So standard practice is splinting for 4 days and if it is still causing pain they assume it's a break and go ahead and cast it to be on the safe side (as untreated wrist fractures can lead to severe arthritus).

Turns out we had a wrist brace at home that works better than the heat-molded splint w/ace bandage thing they set me up with yesterday.  I don't think a cast would serve any better to limit movement so I'll probably forgo the out-of-pocket expense of casting if it is still hurting in a few days and just stick with the brace.

I was not up to attempting to wash my hair today, but I did manage to get dressed and drive to work with essentially one hand.  Jon had to put my hair in a ponytail for me.  Typing is ok.  Writing is somewhat manageable - I was able to sign a receipt earlier!  Ah, the small things you take forgranted.  Belly dance class will be fun tonight for sure.  No wrist circles for me.  Just hoping it is feeling better in time for our performance in a few weeks.  Also looking forward to traveling this weekend.  May change my mind about not checking bags...
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Recent Purchases   
10:00am 30/09/2010
Since I bought ice skates for V for his birthday, we've been doing a lot of ice skating as a family.  He's planning to attend a beginners hockey camp for the local league and Riyan is now planning on taking skating lessons in Nov.  So I decided I should get my own skates so I don't have to keep renting dubious ones.  I ended up deciding on hockey skates over figure skates.  I tried them both a couple times over the summer and hockey skates are just better.  We made the mistake of going to Wheaton Ice Arena to break them in,  I also broke in my elbow and wrist a bit.  The ice there was terrible - there were puddles for crying out loud!  Anyway, skated, then got them baked.  Then skated again last week at Cabin John (so much better), they still have some breaking in to do even after the bake, but I think things are progressing in the right direction.

Saturday we spent almost the entire afternoon/evening at College Park Honda.  We test drove some Highlanders and Pilots over the summer and were leaning towards the pilot as it was roomier for the kids.  The $3500 trade in for my 11 year-old corolla pretty much sealed the deal.  So now I have a black cherry 2011 Pilot with black interior and it's pretty darn nice.  Once I figured out how to adjust the steering wheel so I could read the instrument panel that is.  Didn't get any fancy bells and whistles like nav or leather seats, but it is a vast improvement over the corolla and the kids don't have to fight over space anymore.

The other thing I bought this week (other than an anniversary present for my honey which will be revealed at a later date) was an inordinate amount of tea.  Ever since I ran out of the Mate Vana tea that was bequeathed to me by the lovely Christine (which went fast during the snow storms), I've been wanting to get more.  But Teavana is a bit expensive and I don't often find myself near one.  Adagio which is my usual go to online tea shop did not offer it... until now.  They now carry several varieties and even included a free sampler pack with my purchase.  The Mocha Nut Mate sounded like the closest match, so I went out on a limb and bought the 16oz size.  It did not occur to me until I was checking out that 16oz is actually a pound of tea.  The good news is that I tried it this morning and it's really delicious and exactly what I wanted.  I also got a couple varieties of Chai to try out which also sounded yummy - a Chocolate Chai and the Masala Chai - the Apple Spice Chai was very tempting as well, but maybe next time.  The only problem I have with the Mate is that the leaves are so finely ground it's almost like coffee and is not well contained by my tea diffuser (even the superfine gold filter). 

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Out of Focus   
03:20pm 30/08/2010

Vacation was great.  Today however, is fired.  Kids got off to school just fine, but on my way into work - I rubbed my eye and my contact went all wonky on one side.  When I got to work I tried to adjust it but it popped out and wouldn't go back in.  I didn't have any solution with me so I held out till lunch and stopped at CVS to get a little bottle of lense cleaner. I open the bottle and realize that the kind I got is *not* the kind you can put in your eye.  It's some wierd muscusy feeling goo that cleans the lense, but then you also need solution to rinse them off before you put in your eye.  feh.  I soak the lense in it anyway and when I get back to the office, rinse it out with purified water - which should be sufficient if not ideal for the task.  Still couldn't get the bugger to go back in.  It kept wanting to stick to the inside of my eyelid instead of snapping into place where it should. double feh.  So now it's after 3:00 and I'm waiting for the eye strain headache to kick in cause I've been working all half-blurry eyed all day.  I can see mostly fine with just the one in - but it throws everything off - like wearing smudgy glasses.  Not really looking forward to the drive home.  Maybe I can fashion an eyepatch out of office supplies...


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My personal LOL Cat   
11:28am 27/07/2010
Pet Ma Bele:

This is not the kitty you are looking for...

Move along.
I did stuff!   
04:17pm 07/07/2010
mood: accomplished

Last week I was a sicky sickerson - sinus infection and fun fun chest congestion.  After a crazy busy week at work on top of that, I took Friday off to relax.  V also had off so we saw The last Airbender against my better judgement.  I'm not sure I should even begin to rant about why that movie should never have been made.  Totally unnecessary.  Also totally unnecessary was changing the pronounciation of half the character names.  Really?  It's not like this was based off of some ancient literary text that's open to interpretation.  It was too choppy, 90% of the plot was removed and 100% of the character development.  He might as well have gotten Hayden Christiansen and Natalie Portman for Sokka and Katarra since he didn't really require any acting on their part.


Anyway - Saturday I took Riyan and Zoe to see the new Karate Kid movie after we had a marathon viewing of the first two original ones a couple weeks ago.  It was far more enjoyable than Airbender.

I also did a LOT of cooking this weekend for various things:

  • Bread and Butter Pickles - 12 half pints succesfully packed - will be ready in 6 weeks.
  • Plum Butter - 3 half pints (wish this had made more)
  • Sour Cherry Jam - 4.5 half pints (extra tart)
  • Sweet Potato Pancakes
  • Cherry-Rhubarb-Peach Pie (For Telf & Gene's 4th of July)
  • Green Chille Habenero Burgers Au Poivre (same as above)
  • Chilli Pork! (Bak Kua/Singapore-style Pork Jerky)
  • Grilled Chicken with Balsamic Plum Ginger glaze
  • Poached Salmon with Pink Peppercorn, Lemon and Dill
We went to the water park on Monday which was nice despite it being a bit crowded.  Plus we didn't bring any cash for the cash only food stand, which deeply irritated certain monkeys.  Also me because mmm... boardwalk fries... went home for sandwiches instead.

Also started a taking a belly dance class last week and so far it is a lot of fun.  Ordered a hip scarf online today for practice - yay!
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My Mango Butter   
11:01am 11/06/2010
  This came out so well I had to share.  Only made 7 half-pints though so I may need to make more.
Click the picture if you want the recipe which I posted to my Friday Gourmet site.

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Old and new   
12:03pm 28/05/2010
  I realize that I have been actually reading LJ and facebook more, and posting much less. I shall atempt to remedy this but cannot make any promises.

Things that are getting old:
  • Not having a refrigerator upstairs.  Ours died.  You know, my pretty new one.  Needs a new circuit board that was not in stock.  One week down, one more to go before we are back to fully operational.  Don't buy an LG.
  • My phone.  T-mobile contract is up and we're getting something new (see below)
  • Lice - Zoe keeps coming home with them.  They do not make good pets.
  • My hosting provider for Wine Design Studios.  Site security is not good I'm testing a new provider.
  • My husband.  But in a good way.  Probationary birthday next week.  Hoping no one dies.
Things that are new:
  • My website: wanted to test a new hosting provider so decided to start a little food blog where I can post recipes and pictures and stuff.  Still working on a logo and actually getting pictures added to the posts, but is coming along.  If provider works out I will move WDS to them in August.  Take a look:  www.fridaygourmet.com
  • My phone.  It's a Droid.  have not had a "smart" phone before.  So far I am pleased with how easy it was to set up checking multiple email accounts, adding contacts, etc.  haven't explored too many apps yet, but of course I downloaded some monty python sounds right away. 
  • Update from the repair guy (as of 5 minutes after I began writing this post) - he's on his way now to fix the fridge - part came in early - yay!

longest weekend ever   
12:06pm 03/05/2010
  It wasn't actually longer than any other weekend it turns out, but it felt like we squeezed a whole lot into it.

Friday was the dance recital for Zoe and Riyan (V will post link to video once downloaded). Z did a tap dance to Chatanooga Choo Choo, and Riyan did a Honduran Bull Dance. They were nervous but did a great job.

Saturday was swimming lessons followed by Tai Chi followed by picnic with the cousins who were up from NC for a baseball game. Then I decided at the last minute to make some cookies for Telf's cocktail party that evening. They were perfect high tea type cookies I think - cakey cookies topped with a spoonful of apricot butter and then spread with semi-sweet chocolate to cover the jam. Yummy, but the humidity softened the chocolate to a fudgey state instead of the crisp chocolate shell intended. Still good though.

Sunday was chipotle followed by grocery shopping. Came home with grumpy kids and a couple of pounds of rhubarb. Stewed up the rhubarb with a little honey and added the last of my homemade raspberry sauce to add color and a little flavor. Came out well I thought, the boys were dubious. I filled 6 half pint jars and ate the little bowlful that was leftover. Used my regular boiler for the water bath which comfortably fit 3-4 jars. For such a small batch it seemed easier than the giant canner. Thinking I should make an angel food cake next weekend to serve with the rhubarb...

After the kids went to bed, we watched Sherlock Holmes on Netflix and found it quite enjoyable.
10:38am 20/04/2010
  Have not updated in a bit - things have been busy as always. Had a very pleasant Easter with friends and family and tasty food. Kids started their swimming classes again - The monkeys both advanced from last summer's class. Z is retaking the begining class for the 3rd time, but already she seems to feel more comfortable. She is going under water to retrieve plastic rings and such. Still unhappy with the whole concept of having to jump into the pool, but will do so with assistance. Her goal for this class is to be able to jump in without someone holding her hand.

I signed up for continuing Tai Chi - have now learned 11 of the 24 forms. The instructors are also teaching a 48 form as more of a club after class, which is awesome, but so not there yet.

We are planning a vacation in August to Williamsburg/VA beach for a week. We'll be hitting up Busch Gardens a couple of days for sure. My sis-in-law and her family will be coming up as well, so us growns ups can take turns actually getting to ride the coasters for a change. Z is hoping to grow 3-6 inches or so between now and then so that she can ride some coasters.

Saturday V and I are going to a masquerade gala at the italian embassy. Don't really know any ballroom dancing, but sounds like fun. Sort of a belated V-day outing. Might wear my wedding dress as it could easily double for gala/ballgown attire...
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Stalin's bad day..   
10:20am 03/02/2010
  Make that week... poor kitty did something to hurt his leg last week. Possibly Sveta related, he's been in fully avoidy mode since she got here, but we started noticing that when he did dain to come out of the bedroom his back legs were very stiff and he seemed to be favouring one. He was moving around the house like a grumpy old man, so I took him in for a check-up and vet said he probably just tweeked it jumping on/off something. They gave him some medicine for three days which had him feeling better, but he had a previously scheduled dental visit on Monday which was more joy.

He hasn't had a dental visit before so I was concerned about his teeth and sure enough he had some cavities that needed removal. Not too bad, but as he was taking the pain reliever for his leg last week, they didn't want to give it to him much this week as it can damage the kidneys, especially for an older cat.

When we brought him home Monday and let him out on the bed, he was in no mood to "sleep it off", only his legs weren't working yet so he landed face first on the floor and scrabbled around like a mad mad (wouldn't let us get near him) hurling himself at the side of the bed until he gained enough momentum to somehow push his way back up despite his lack of leg strength. Poor guy.

So he's been healing up - his leg seems to be fine at this point but his mouth is sore and on top of all that he has antibiotics twice a day which he is not pleased about. And I'm pretty sure he blames Sveta for this entire ordeal, he keeps giving her murder eyes.
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Her good side...   
08:51am 20/01/2010
  Not that she has a bad one:

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A Tail of Two Kitties   
05:13pm 18/01/2010
  We have a new family member. The lovely Kittenscribble hooked me up with a co-worker with free kittens. A boy and girl. They look pretty much the same. I was going to take the boy, but after a slight mix up during hand-off, it turns out we ended up with the girl. While the owner was more than happy to arrange a swap and apologized for the mix-up, I don't see how you can take something so sweet into your home and then return it because you got the wrong one.

So this is Sveta:

She spent most of Sunday tucked into the couch and very shy. Once the kids went to bed and Stalin came out, she was very curious to meet him (he was less so) but after a couple good sniffs she was out and about in full explore mode.

We planned to keep her in our room last night but I was concerned that she would be loud and want to be let out and Stalin as well whether he were in or out. So we left the door open, but after exploring the room she jumped up and slept right between us most of the night. Stalin slept in the clothes basket on top of my dresser where he could keep an eye on the whole thing. This morning she was very friendly and played with the boys and ran about the house. Stalin is still suspicious but has not been violent, mostly avoidy. It's really hilarious when she puffs up to look big when he surprises her though.

More pictures soon I don't doubt.
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breaking in   
11:31am 13/01/2010
  got a new laptop from work - my old one is almost 5 years old so I figured it was time, even though I loathe the idea of trying to move over my accumalation of files and such from so many years majority of which i need to keep cause it's work stuff.

As such, I have had the new laptop since before christmas and only turned it on for the first time earlier this week. I have now gotten certain necessary software downloaded, but still need more. It is a Windows 7. With Office 2007. nothing is where I left it! It took me ten minutes to figure out how to "save as" in excel cause there's no "file" tab. Irritating. But it's faster and smaller so those will be good things.

Also, the speakers on my old laptop died a couple years ago so I was quite taken aback when all of a sudden the internet spoke to me. I have since muted it again, but it's nice to know the option is there.
mwf seeks sgt   
02:36pm 07/01/2010
  Just a quick post even though I haven't posted in a bit of a while, holidays were enjoyed, birthday tea was consumed in mass quantaties (such that I was up until 3:00 a.m. even though most people left by 7:00), and for my birthday V decided I should have a new kitten since I have been talking about Stalin needing a new friend and how he would not appreciate if that new friend was a dog. Anyway, since you can't just go out and acquire a cat these days, I have a gift certificate of sorts to pick out a cat that I want.

I looked at some cat rescue pages and made a couple inquiries but the adoption process is quite cumbersome. Can't I just find a nice homeless kitty on the street and bring it home with me? Apparently not. In fact it seems one must pay a couple hundred dollars or so (all told) for the privilege of taking a homeless cat off the hands of the state/county.

But before any of that, Stalin's got to get a full bill of health with all his proper shots and checks and what nots. The vet staff loved him as every place does, the first lab tests they got back on his "senior work-up" showed he was anemic - I was worried cause of Mary last year. They had me bring him back for a follow up test and I got the results back today which show that he is actually fine and the first test was a sample error. Yay! Now he just needs a $500 teeth cleaning and he'll be good to go. le sigh.

If anyone does know of any cats/kittens that are in need of a new home drop me a line - I've got some requirements but I'm open to possibilities :)
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Decisions, decisions...   
04:45pm 01/12/2009
  Trying to decide what to do for my birthday this year being all wrapped up as always with the holidays and other people's b-days. Haven't seen any New Year's invites floating around yet, though people tend to have several to choose from, so we were thinking maybe a new years party at the house, or a lovely afternoon tea the following Saturday once people have recovered from whatever it was they did on New Years... Do you have an opinion on which you might be more inclined to attend if it were offered?

Poll #1493069 Birthday Options

What should I do for my Birthday?

New Years Eve party
Afternoon Tea on Jan. 2nd
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crust of dream   
09:49am 30/11/2009
  before I forget... and I don't know why I find this terribly amusing... but I had a dream last night in which I was preparing food of some sort and I cannot recall exactly the essential element of the dish, but it occurred to me that I should put it on top of garlic bread. I remember it looking very delicious but it was quite matter-of-factly pointed out to me by Zoe that I could not just eat a crust sandwich. I woke up this morning trying to remember what was in my crust sandwich so that I could have one.  
My best Day ever. By zoe   
12:37pm 14/11/2009
mood: happy
I hugged Testoodo he was flufy and I was on TV Dancing at the baskitball Game and the Terps won!
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CrAzy weekend   
08:53am 11/11/2009
  So, I flew to Seattle this weekend for Jessica's wedding elopement. read about itCollapse )  
Dominican Republic   
10:15am 03/11/2009
  V hasn't posted on the honeymoon yet, but here's some of the pictures I took and a very brief overview of the trip:

1. First impression of resort not good - bed hard as rock, leaky AC, giant puddle on floor.
2. New room, better view, bed hard as a not as hard rock, no leaky AC.
3. Buffets not as good as hoped, ok for a couple days but progressively downhill.
4. Beach very nice, water warm for swimming but not enough waves. Scenery gorgeous.
5. Jealous of Resort we should have been at right next door looking all awesome and mocking but with armed guards to keep people out.
6. VIP bar and Beach saving grace of resort. I'll let V talk about the Mama Juana.
7. Horseback riding trip through countryside was fantastic, great time.
8. Hot
9. Cascade show. Big pool party/BBQ (right outside our balcony window - very cool) dancers, fire breathers, weird game show interludes, more dancing on floating platforms. Went on FORever. Music still blasting at 1:00 (right outside our window - not as cool)
10. Ocean World, got to play with some sea lions and swim in the tiger grotto which was neat, rest was pretty disappointing, no aquarium just several marinas linked together with dolphins, nurse sharks and sea lions, then the little amazon section with birds and the tigers. That was it. No comparison to Singapore.
11. City tour - Cable car ride was awesome, lunch outside the compound was awesome, got to do some shopping and other tours that V got more pictures of than me I think.
12. Dinner on the last night was phenominal - escaped the compound for a real meal, walked down the beach to a restaurant, ate outside, food was fabulous. Would consider going back just to eat there again.

Click through to view the gallery:

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halloween pics   
05:53pm 02/11/2009
  OK - uploaded some pics today, we'll start with halloween, but I went through some honeymoon pics as well, so I'll try and post some of those later.

This year Zoe was a dragon, Riyan was a guitar hero and Vale was a Pokemon trainer. We carved 2 pumkins, one with three faces (each of the kids designed a face, and then my Nightmare before Christmas pumpkin that has zero on one side and the graveyard hill/moon on the other side.

Click through to view the entire gallery:

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